About us

PuraSec was founded in 2018 with a shared vision of simplifying cybersecurity for a variety of companies. Implementing and executing cybersecurity should be straightforward instead of intimidating. PuraSec enables its customers to work with a solution-oriented method and helps them in a pragmatic way.


Cybersecurity made simple

We believe cybersecurity should be understandable to everyone. One of our goals is to make our customers more resilient. This is reflected in the way we provide our services, where transferring knowledge and improving complex issues are priority number one. Our services are designed to accommodate the cohesion between people, policy and technology. This unique way of approaching cybersecurity enables us to lift any organization to a higher level.

How it all started

After a number of years of gaining knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, we came to the conclusion a solid solution for the SME(+) (Small and Medium Enterprises) was still lacking in this field. Many companies only focus on technology and policy and provide specialized services in those areas. We feel that that approach is not sufficient. Especially SME(+) are in need of clear, obtainable advice on a broader scale. That means no big, complex and long-running projects, but pragmatic tailor-made advice.

From the start, we were confident that PuraSec could deliver this vision. Fast forward to today: where many customers such as Schouten and Nelissen, Dearhealth and Dura Vermeer, can confirm our approach simply works.