There are a lot of organizations who can supply you with short- and long-term expertise on cybersecurity. However, PuraSec believes hiring external organizations can’t compete with inhouse knowledge. This is why we train your people to make well-founded decisions when it comes to cybersecurity, enabling your organization to become resilient for the long run.


A selection of our courses is stated below. Due to our extensive experience in cybersecurity, we can offer tailor-made courses on various subjects, so feel free to contact us if you are not able to find what you are looking for. We are certain we can accommodate your business needs.


Our ‘awareness’ courses are intended to help organizations build a solid foundation of cybersecurity knowledge that’s available to all employees. With the help of use cases, we explain and show the importance of following the basic principles of cybersecurity.

The course can be tailored to the challenges you face within your organization and you would like to pay extra attention to.

We offer this course live, interactive or as a webinar.

Why PuraSec?

  • Our goal is to make cybersecurity understandable and accessible for everybody
  • Due to our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to support the provided information with use cases from the field

ISO 27001 / NEN 7510

This course can be used in preparation for an implementation or audit of the ISO 27001 and/or NEN 7510 standard framework. In this course, we go over the content of the frameworks and explain how they are constructed. We discuss what steps need to be taken to achieve a successful implementation and eventually acquire the desired certification.

Afterwards, there is room to answer questions about the measures that will be implemented within the specific organization.

To make the most out of the course, both parties agree on the questions and to what extent the answers will be discussed in advance.

We offer this course live, interactive or as a webinar.

Why PuraSec?

  • We ensure everyone will understand the frameworks and measures after taking the course
  • We help to simplify the process, making the implementation more manageable
  • We will motivate the organization to meet the standards and to acquire the certification

Secure development

It is of the utmost importance that especially your developers are aware of how their programming language is built. In terms of cybersecurity and which type of security they need to incorporate in their code to safeguard the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all information. After all, they are the ones building the foundation of your application.

While building an application or system, security should always be priority number one. This is why our Secure Development course focuses on refreshing the knowledge of the development language and/or frameworks your developers use.

Our professional(s) will walk through a number of use cases to show where pitfalls can be located and how they can be prevented.

Why PuraSec?

  • Clear and professional advice based on practical knowledge and experience
  • Realistic view on risks and implementation of measures

Capture the Flag

Learning and improving technical skills becomes even more fun by playing ‘Capture the Flag’ challenges. We offer courses based on existing platforms or challenges developed by PuraSec. A ‘Capture the Flag’ challenge generally aims to find a piece of information (the ‘Flag’) by hacking one or more systems.

Our host will set up the platform and gives an introduction with advice on how to get started. During the process, the host will provide guidance where needed and might drop a little hint here or there if needed.

Because of its fun nature this interactive way of refreshing techniques and gaining knowledge from different perspectives is in popular demand.

Why PuraSec?

  • Extensive knowledge of possibilities and technology
  • Broad coaching experience to ensure a fun session for all participants

Our approach

  • Training focused on the organization and participants
  • Fun and accessible sessions to excite and energize participants
  • We make cybersecurity understandable and therefore manageable