Many problems within an organization can be prevented by implementing well thought through cybersecurity. Taking potential risks and realistic scenarios of attack into consideration during this process is very important. When these potential threats are established a solid plan can be created, tested and implemented.


Some of our services are described below. We have extensive technical experience in pen testing, vulnerability management and monitoring, so feel free to contact us if you are looking for something specific that is not listed here. We are certain we can accommodate your business needs.


Our specialist takes on the role of a hacker during a pen test and tries to find weak spots in your system. By deliberately taking on this role we can assess what the potential risks are and define the severity of certain vulnerabilities.

The pen test is carried out in close collaboration with the customer. We can either contact you as soon as we find risks and/or vulnerabilities so you can solve the problem right away or keep going carrying out the full test and create the report afterwards.

Additionally, the PuraSec specialist can give advice on the correct way to solve the potential issue. After completing the pen test the specialist will test whether the issue is completely solved. All findings will be included in the report.

Why PuraSec?

  • Collaborative testing and solving problems right away
  • Clear, practical and immediately applicable reports
  • Making use of customer-specific, realistic scenarios and tackling the greatest risks

Security officer

The security officer is an important link in monitoring and maintaining policy and measures. However, for many Small and Medium Enterprises, it is not necessary or feasible to hire an (expensive) full-time employee with the required knowledge to fulfil this role.

Here comes in PuraSec’s security officers who can be deployed and adapted to the needs of the organization, whether that is on call, for a fixed number of hours on location or completely remote (virtual security officer).

These security officers have the mandatory knowledge and experience to set up an appropriate policy and to follow up issues and incidents. They make sure all information will be guarded in various areas by being approachable and motivated to involve all stakeholders in the matter.

Why choose PuraSec?

  • We are efficient and effective, whether that is on-site or remote
  • All activities are based on consultations with the customer
  • A single point of contact for all security issues
  • Our team that has expert knowledge in the field of policy and technology

Red teaming

With pentesting, we focus on a technical application or other types of system. With red teaming, we take it a step farther by including people and policy while testing. This means that we are not only looking for vulnerabilities in a system, but also for shortcomings in the policy that allow to invade by, for example, social engineering.

The main purpose of a red teaming project is, in addition to finding weaknesses and shortcomings, to create awareness within the organization to emphasize not all attacks can be avoided by technical solutions. In a red teaming project, scenarios are determined in consultation with the customer and risk analysis are carried out.

During the execution of a project, PuraSec will always keep in contact with one or more stakeholders

Why PuraSec?

  • Extensive preparation and close contact with the customer
  • Clear and practical reports that can be applied right away
  • We make use of realistic scenarios to tackle the greatest risks

We think it is important that our customers only perform tests that are of added value to their organization. The structure and working method must be in line with the goals the organization is aiming to achieve. This is why PuraSec offers:

  • Tailor-made assessments based on the risks of the organization
  • Close collaboration to solve problems fast
  • A solid report which functions as a vessel to improve
  • Clear and understandable overview of vulnerabilities and solutions