ISO27001 implementation

DEARhealth is a digital tech company that provides artificial intelligence-driven technology for healthcare. Our solution has been developed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals and focuses on chronic, complex and costly diseases. This technical solution ensures that, based on historical data, patients are "navigated away" from known risks that fit their clinical picture. Our field of expertise is healthcare. We use patient data within our innovative platform; therefore, security is ingrained in our DNA. Meaning that with regards to information security, we need to be ‘holier than the Pope’ and be compliant with many (international) laws, regulations and information security standards. This is the reason we have partnered up with PuraSec from June 2019.

Why is PuraSec the right match for us?

We are a start-up company that is flexible to test our solutions in practice in collaboration with the healthcare market. This means we needed a partner who could offer the same amount of flexibility and would understand the whims of a start-up that is operating within a challenging industry. We were in need of an organization that wouldn’t get frustrated and would radiate the same positive energy as we do. A team that would think in solutions and would always be motivated to achieve the end-goal. We found those requirements in PuraSec.


From the beginning, there has been a mutual trust in each other's knowledge and skills. This has been essential for taking practical steps and maintaining speed. The enthusiasm and involvement of the consultants at PuraSec have enabled our team to actively participate and be truly included in the process. A nice reward for our hard work as a team and the result of collaborating with PuraSec are the many compliments we received during the audit about the design and implementation of our ISMS.

Tooling - Instant27001

PuraSec's pragmatic approach became clear once again while deciding on the tooling to use for setting up our ISMS. We were able to clearly follow the steps for setting up an ISMS, by using the practical framework in Confluence which forms a solid basis for securing the ISMS and following up the plan-do-check-act cycle. This tooling additionally enabled us to document the process simultaneously.


From day one the collaboration with PuraSec was very much in line with what we were looking for. In search of a way to set up our security, we were looking for a full-time security officer. When we came across PuraSec, we instantly became excited. I am convinced that we have achieved way more by collaborating with PuraSec than we would have by employing a full-time security officer. By hiring PuraSec, we have gained a variety of expertise within the team, and a partnership that goes beyond the service.

PuraSec’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and has made the process a lot of fun.

‘Compliance with a smile’. :)